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Why you need to visit Trim, Co Meath

It's hard to believe that it's been an entire year since we moved to Trim.

Time has been so strange since the pandemic began. Days have stretched before us, hazy and muddled, until suddenly, *bam*, it's January 2022. At least now, things are much more positive. At least we can DO things again; we can make plans, we can explore.

At least, until 8pm...

Instagram is always flooded with posts of trips to the West of Ireland (for good reason, it's insanely beautiful) but make sure to put the Ancient East on your Irish bucket list, too. More specifically, my adopted hometown. Let me count the ways why you need to visit Trim...

It's. so. damn. pretty.

There's a real sense of pride here. Everywhere you look, manicured bunches of flowers are blooming, and there's a real effort to keep the town tidy and looking its best. The locals are clearly proud of the town, which is steeped in history. Of course, there is the fantastic castle, pictured at the top of this post, which happens to be the oldest and largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland...and where part of Braveheart was filmed, donchaknow!

It's a stunning sight, and the adjacent walk along the Boyne River and through the Porchfields, with more historic ruins scattered about the place - such as The Yellow Steeple - is always so lovely. No matter how many times I walk this route, I always marvel at how grateful I am to have it right on my doorstep.

There's lots to see nearby, too

If we do want a change of scenery from our usual Porchfields walk, we just set out on a short car ride to one of the many gorgeous attractions nearby. There's Bective Abbey, pictured above, which is ten minutes away (top tip; visit the recently opened The Hot Box if you're there. Located minutes away, you can go for a dip in the River Boyne followed by a steam in its wood-fired sauna and a soak in its hot tub. Heaven!).

There's the Hill of Tara, less than 15 minutes away, which is a majestic place, where the seat of the High King of Ireland was once located. And my favourite place to go for a Sunday stroll, Loughcrew Cairns (above), is just over half an hour away. Make sure to go there just before the sun sets; walking among Neolithic passage tombs before settling on a hill to watch the sun go down is just magic. Navan, the biggest town in Meath, is also a quick 15 minute spin up the road, with lots of great shops and foodie spots, as well as The Arc cinema/bowling alley/arcades.

Pubs & grub

There is PLENTY of craic to be had in Trim. We especially love the James Griffin, also referred to as Lenihan's, which gives you the choice of cozy snugs by the fire and great pints of Guinness - with weekly trad nights - or cocktails and live bands. Brogan's is also a very fun spot, with tasty food like chicken wings or nachos to accompany your drinks, while The Stockhouse offers up yummy comfort food and cocktails like the Red Velvet (gin, rhubarb and ginger syrup, egg white) from €8.95. Yasss. There's an amazing Chinese restaurant, Wau Asian, which does great sushi too, and an excellent Indian restaurant, Khan Spices - order the Tandoori Butter Chicken and thank me later. There are lots of gorgeous cafes too, from The Olive Tree with its amazing homemade cakes to great brekkie options in Rosemary's Bistro.

Our go-to is Bosca (above), a coffee and snack horsebox that is parked up in the courtyard of Marcie's pub. Over the last few months it has added ice cream, sausage rolls, toasties and smoothies to the menu and it really feels like the hub of the town. It's also a great place for dogspotting/attempting to socialise our dogs!

Other gems in Trim include Once Upon a Thai (above), a food truck that rolls in on Fridays and Saturdays and dishes up the most incredible, authentic Thai food. Get the Panaeng Curry of Jim Ryan’s Beef with green beans, peanuts, and basil; it is out of this world. Plus, Trim N' Healthy - a punny, vegetarian, dog-friendly cafe which also has a health store attached. As well as delicious veggie options, it has a book swap stall, and offers a cosy set-up to curl up with your pooch and read a few chapters.

The people

There's such a warm sense of community in Trim that I adore. It was palpable at the vigil for Ashling Murphy last week, when hundreds of locals came together to pay their respect with music, poetry, candles and flowers. And it was an invisible force for last year's Darkness Into Light event in aid of Pieta House; despite the early hour and *horrendous* weather, everyone was willing each other on. At the end of the 5KM route, Boscas's offered free coffee and sausage sandwiches to everyone who took part, meaning we finished the challenging morning in such a heartening, happy atmosphere.

I've also been lucky enough to make pals here, something I know is increasingly difficult to achieve as we get older. In fact, my original post on moving to Trim prompted the angel that is Mary Kate (pictured above with the icon that is Tubs) to write to me on Instagram, offering to meet for a walk since I was new to the town. Since then, she's become one of my closest friends; dropping me a care-pack when I was sick, cooking us a surprise Christmas feast, hosting reality tv nights, and joining me on many, many coffee runs.

Reflecting on the move now, 365 days later, I can honestly say it was the best decision I've ever made. If you're thinking of upping and leaving the city because of ridiculous rent...just do it! You won't look back.

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