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Stuff that's keeping me sane: My book, film, series & podcast of the week

This week was a bit of a head-melter, I won't lie. A combination of PMS, poor sleep and, eh, pandemic may result in having a bit of a cry in the park and comfort eating two leftover Easter eggs in a row, just a head's up. I'm ever-aware that I'm privileged to be just... bored, as I wrote in this piece on minding your mental health right now. But, sometimes, it does all get a bit much, and it's OK to admit that. Thank the LORD for distractions is all I will say. I discovered a few new ones this week, and they're so good that I had to share them.

Book: So Lucky by Dawn O'Porter

This book is a RIOT. I was fully howling with laughter as I raced through the pages; it's spit-your-coffee-out-and-snort levels of funny. And utterly filthy, too. I was absolutely gripped by the heartening story, which centres around three very different women, each with their own unique struggles, despite how their lives may be viewed as 'envy inducing' from the outside. I adore Dawn O'Porter from her iconic Instagram posts, and now I adore her as an author. The perfect easy, entertaining read, with a side of food for thought.

Film: Three Identical Strangers, Netflix

This hour-and-half documentary is that rare case of a tale being stranger than fiction. Back in 1980, a teen begins his first day of university, only for other students to greet him by another name. Baffled, he soon realises that he has an identical twin, who he was separated from at birth. Even crazier still, a third brother learns of their story and alerts them that they are in fact triplets, all adopted to different families who had no idea of each others' existence. The reason why will blow your mind.

Series: Ozark, Netflix

I'm just two episodes in and officially *hooked*. The first episode alone......if you know, you know. It's bat-shit. I wasn't expecting any it, 'cos in truth, I hadn't watched any trailers or read up anything about the show...and I'm glad I didn't. All you need to know: Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are epic, the production is as slick as a Hollywood movie and already, I sense Breaking Bad levels of genius. There are three seasons to get through all lined up and ready to go and I'm fuggin' thrilled.

Podcast: Teacher's Pet, Spotify

Like Ozark, this isn't new, but I seem to always be late to the party. If you're into true crime podcasts, get listening to this. It is brilliant. Published by The Australian newspaper, it delves into the disappearance of Lynette Dawson in the 80s, and how her teacher husband Chris Dawson moved his teenager lover into their home soon after she went missing, making her the new mother of their kids. Messed up on many levels I'm sure you will agree, and also devastating as seemingly, nobody batted an eyelid back then. But now, that's different, and the focus is firmly on Chris, with the case currently ongoing...

Bonus fun thing I did this week: a virtual paint class

Paint by the Pints has gone digital, with weekly online tutorials that are free to sign up for. I was so focused on not f*cking up my elephant, that before I knew it, three hours had passed. The bag of cans may have had something to do with that. SO much fun, and the steps are easy to follow, even for someone who usually has the artistic range of a toddler (like yours truly).

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