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Round up: things that made me smile this week

I just realised that it's Monday, so this weekly round-up is slightly defunct. That is what Covid-19 is doing to us all; eradicating our very sense of time and space. In all seriousness though, I fully empathise with anybody riding the rollercoaster that *this* is. One minute I'm thinking, "This an opportunity for life to slow down, embrace it" and the next, I'm breaking down in tears at some patriotic montage on the Late Late Show. There is little to smile about for a lot of people. We all need an injection of joy right now. So, here are the trivial things that have brightened up even a pocket of my day...

SuperValu Killiney's pride that Matt Damon used one of their shopping bags

"For only 70c you too can look like a Hollywood movie star". I cannot cope.

This incredibly cute couple taking a whole a new meaning to the #ShineYourLight campaign, showing solidarity to all those affected by Covid-19

I mean, they turned themselves into Christmas decorations, BLESS.

Brian Dobson's mug, following on from Leo Varadkar's Mr. Taoiseach version last week

I am greatly enjoying Dobbo's Twitter account – informative but also a bit of craic. He also gave us a glimpse of what his work from home station looks like, which of course involves a well-stocked bookshelf as a backdrop and him wearing a shirt and braces. Stay classy!

Realising that my local bakery is still open and finally trying their homemade Mikado biscuits

As I made my way to do my food shop in Rialto, I discovered the village bakery was still serving socially-distanced coffee and treats. I had to try the above concoction of homemade shortbread, marshmallow and coconut and jam. Mikados are synonymous with my childhood so it gave me a comforting taste of home.

Leon Bridges' unexpected new choon

I ADORE Leon Bridges. His voice just soothes me. 'Inside Friend' is a collab between him and John Mayer, who came up with it together during a improv studio jam a few months ago. The song is about what the ultimate date looks like to an introvert, but considering current circumstances, they decided to release it.

The return of The High Low with Dolly Alderton

This podcast is like a friend putting their arm around your shoulder and reassuring you that everything is going to be OK. It will give you a giggle, you will relate hard and food for thought is served in abundance.

This Donegal man welcomed home by his neighbours after beating Covid-19

OK, so this might have provided me with a slightly teary smile, but how gorgeous is this sense of community? The outpouring of love? The man's gratitude? The sense of humour despite everything? Ireland is just...the best.

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