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My top true crime docs, balanced out by the most wholesome movies ever

When it comes to the kind of content I ingest, it's quite a mixed bag. On the one hand, I utterly adore anything cute and wholesome – think Baby Yoda, chonky doggos, a story of the underdog prevailing, Robin Williams teaching bratty teenagers about poetry. However, on the flip side, I am OBSESSED with true crime. Always have been, always will. I listen to the 'My Favourite Murder' podcast, gobble up documentaries about serial killers and possibly scare my friends with the amount of detail I can give about certain cases. #Balance amiright!? Here are my top picks from both genres, to ensure you get all your tv nutrients, too.

True Crime: Long Shot

At just 40 minutes long (none of this 24 episodes bs), this is a crazy, needle-in-a-haystack story about a man falsely accused of murder. The only way he can save his fate in prison, and potentially death row, is by proving that he was at a baseball game, amongst a crowd of 54,000 people. I don't want to give any spoilers, because there's nothing I hate more than spoilers (avoid the trailer if you're the same), but there's a twist that will knock you sideways.

Wholesome: A Dog's Journey

I spent so much of this movie weeping. Seriously, the bond between dogs and humans just BREAKS ME. This is the sequel to A Dog's Purpose and yes, it is unashamedly cheesy and ridiculous, but if it doesn't soften your heart then you are Satan reincarnated and I won't hear anymore about it.

True Crime: Out of Thin Air

This is a really interesting – and chilling – look at Iceland's most infamous murder case. It picks up 40 years after six were convicted for a double killing, with doubt cast on the original confessions. It's mostly in subtitles, meaning you're forced to doubly concentrate, which helps with such a complicated story.

Wholesome: Paddington 2

Oh, this is just the loveliest thing EVER. It has a sweet little bear, gruff-but-caring Brendan Gleeson, a hilariously evil Hugh Grant and a beautiful message of the importance of family. It's like a hug wrapped up in a movie.

True Crime: West of Memphis

This is one of the first crime documentaries I ever watched, and I remember it shook me to my core. It centres around the 1993 murders of three boys in Arkansas, and the three teenagers who were demonised and convicted of the killings, despite proclaiming their innocence. You'll watch in awe.

Wholesome: Lady and the Tramp

God bless Disney+ for launching during this pandemic. There's so much wonderfully wholesome content on there, but I really loved this new version of the classic cartoon. Sometimes the CGI is woeful, but it's still gorgeous. That spaghetti scene. Sob.

True Crime: The Jinx

It's the best. It's just...the best. I find my interest waning in docs with more than three episodes, and this has six, but it's so gripping that you don't want it to end. It follows the truly insane story of Robert Durst, a real-estate heir who has some dark, dark secrets. The filming team did a phenomenal job (the doc is a result of nearly a decade of research) and at one point, catch something on camera that will blow your mind...

Wholesome: The Princess Bride

Apparently, this is a movie that many associate with their childhood, but somehow I had never heard of it until my boyfriend introduced me one hungover Sunday. It's so charming and funny, and I'm still quoting it to this day. *Incon-ceivable!*

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