Irish-made masks that are so cool, you'll *want* to wear them

I have to be honest, although I have learned many positive things from this pandemic (outlined here), I have also come to the realisation that I kinda' sorta' hate the general public.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a sunny kind of person, the type that likes to to look on the bright side of life etc, etc. But the sheer level of stupidity that COVID 19 has shone a light on has had me Googling the price of a one way ticket to Mars (once international travel is allowed again obvs).

Take the face mask situation. How difficult is it to wear a piece of fabric across your face, knowing that you're putting everyone else in the shop - employees, the elderly, vulnerable people - at ease? You're not exactly being asked to wear a military gas mask; it's a teeny annoyance for the duration of your Lidl shop.

This "inconvenience" will slow the spread of coronavirus,and the possibility of another lockdown, because for some reason, now that the country has reopened, people seem to think it's gone. Let's all just cop on and wear a mask when it's required; out of respect to our healthcare staff and in solidarity with those still terrified of this virus. They also hide spots, and mean that you don't have to engage in small talk. Win/Win all round! Here are some Irish-made creations that you need to know about...

Mask Your Face

Three creative sisters in Donegal decided to create these comfy, three layer cotton masks, which range from paisley print (above) to pastel tie dye. They're amazing quality, machine washable and cost just €6 each, or €15 for three, and €2 postage. Bargain! Contact the gals on Instagram to order.

Niamh McCabe (AKA @nimcake)

How slick does this look? Handmade, washable, reusable, sustainable (basically all the stuff you want), Niamh's masks are also so FUN. Plus, she's donating 15% of profits to Let's Help Direct Provision. Find them here.

Jennifer Rothwell

Worn here by Rozanna Purcell, this is Jennifer's very funky, very colourful 'Stained Glass' mask. Made from 100% silk, they're 25 quid each, with a portion of profits going to Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless. Find on

Aoife Kirwan

This milliner decided to turn her hand to making masks when the busiest time of year for her was suddenly under lockdown. Tip of the hat to her for her resourcefulness. Her masks are simple, pretty and well-made, with 100% cotton. A percentage of sales will be donated to Kildare Animal Wildlife Foundation. aoifekirwanmillinery. com/masks

Thea by Thea

I am obsessed with talented Irish designer Thea Shannon's masks, especially this one (€14.99). The intricacy! The attention to detail! Her masks consist of two layers of tightly wound cotton and come with a handy little reusable pouch free of charge, to keep them safe and clean. A percentage goes to charity; this week it's Barretstown. Visit