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Have y'all heard of the Joe Exotic drinking game? Well now y'all have

As soon as I saw the trailer for Netflix's Tiger King, starring tiger park owner Joe Exotic (above) I knew it would be iconic. And still, it surpassed my every expectation. The mullet. The outfits. The music videos. The scheming. The scandal. Every minute was delicious television. But the fun doesn't have to end with the final episode! Firstly, go back and watch Louis Theroux's episode with Joe from years back, it's gas. And secondly, get some pals in on 'Netflix Party' to re-watch the series, but this time with some drinking game rules. Here we go...

Everyone take a drink when you see...

Joe Exotic Shooting A Gun  |  A Human Missing Either Limbs Or Premolars   |  Somebody Topless |  Someone Saying Carole Baskin's Full Name  |   Bullet-hole Tattoos  |  Whenever Joe Curses  |  Carole Baskin on Her Bike  |  A Young Tiger Jump On Someone’s Lap

Everyone take two drinks when you see...

A Tiger Attack A Zookeeper, Child Or News Reporter  |  Whenever Carole Says 'Hey All You Cool Cats and Kittens  |  Expired Meats  |  Liger  |  A Mug Shot |  A Joe Exotic Music Video  | 

  • Top tip: Limit the game to one episode per time. Drink responsibly etc etc.

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