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Fun things to do inside, since we ain't going anywhere anytime soon

I'm the kind of person that always seems to have plans. I like to have things to look forward to; to have all sorts of fun events lined up throughout the month. Now, obviously, that has all changed – but nothing is stopping us from having virtual plans, as insanely futuristic as that sounds. Here's some things we can all look forward to taking part in...through our screens.

Paint by the Pints

I've gone to a few of these events before and whether you're like a modern Picasso or more along the lines of a baby with finger paints, paired with a few IPAs, it is great craic. Now you can join in from your sitting room, with regular nights set up by the fab organisers, for free! I've ordered art supplies to arrive in time for the next one, on April 17.

Virtual book club

This time is a great opportunity to snuggle up and read, but it can be hard to find the willpower. To encourage us all to get reading, Blogger Nadia El Ferdaoussi has set up an online book club, to create an online community for chats mid-read and a discussion at the end. I've started reading the above book, So Lucky by Dawn O'Porter and it's fuggin' excellent! Pour the vino, line up the cheese, and get going!

Roommate Come Dine With Me

Whether you're self isolating with your partner, friends or family, taking turns cooking for each other is always a good time. Make it interesting by adding a scoring system and having a prize for top chef (maybe a Deliveroo voucher so they can sit back and relax the next night), and throw in a few boardgames and beers after chowing down. I've been loving MCD Productions' Guy Sinnott's 'Quarantine Cook-Alongs' which he's been posting nightly on Instagram (above). Solid kitchen inspiration, and most importantly, pretty simple ideas!

Tune into a live gig

Props to musicians like Sean O'Briain of Fields (above) who have set up in their sitting rooms to bring us tunes through the medium of Facebook and Instagram Live. You can either throw some ridiculous shapes behind closed doors without fear of being judged, or flake out with snacks on the couch for the slower sets. Win-win.

Take part in a COVIDEOPARTY

Irish comedian Alison Spittle has created a regular film-watching online community and it is GAS. It kicks off with everyone starting the movie at the same time, who then tweet their thoughts throughout with the hashtag #COVIDEOPARTY, followed by a de-brief with the hilarious no-shits-given Alison.

WhatsApp Table Quizzes

I've taken part in a few of these now, and they're a genius way to kill some time, keep the 'ol brain ticking over, and have a few LOLs too. Not to mention raise money for good causes, like ALONE or Irish Cancer Society. Simply set a donation amount to charity as the entry fee, compile several rounds of questions, then send them out round by round to your pals through WhatsApp. And away you go to nerd out!

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